The Fall Weather is Great Time to Learn Golf!

The Three Things You Need to Know About Hitting a Golf Ball

First - How does the Clubface affect ball flight Second - What is your correct Swing Plane and Third - Where do you get Swing Speed. Use the CONTACT icon and request a lesson. Golf isn't as hard as you may be making it. And after your lesson; enjoy our 27-holes of fun at Tega Cay..

PGA Professional at Tega Cay Golf Club

Get Golf Ready in December

This is the most basic introduction available for beginners interested in learning golf or deciding if golf is for them. Group Sessions are the most economical and are a great way to meet beginners like yourself. Individual Sessions are also available and there are a variety of programs offered (see Coaching Session icon) Start today planning your golf future. Put December 7-11 from 4:00pm - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday on your schedule. Click below to sign up. Invite several friends to join with you!

PGA Professional at Tega Cay Golf Club

Use Our Ideal Fall Weather to Experience Golf

October to December is ideal weather to play the great game of golf. Take advantage of the 27-holes of golf at Tega Cay and the variety of golf teachers capable of helping you learn the game. Ed Sehl is offering a week of Get Golf Ready that just might be a great program for you and a group of your friends. $99 for a week (December 7-11) per person. You learn an introductory level of golf. Meet new people or join with your friends and discover how much fun golf can be. Register on line!

PGA Professional at Tega Cay Golf Club