Now is Planning Time for 2016 / Don't Miss Another Year!

How Do I Hit That Nice Slight Draw

We know from modern technology such as Trackman, that a draw is hit when the path of the club is slightly in to out. Lay an alignment stick on your target line. Lay another alignment stick across and to the right of your target line. The in to out alignment is the direction you should swing the club. The face of the club is open to your target line (ie; points right) but closed to the swing path. Do this an you get that slight draw. Guaranteed.

PGA Professional at Tega Cay Golf Club

Putting is Half Your Score / Time For a Lesson

Everyone wants to get better at golf. The touring professionals recognize that the best putters are also the leading money winners. In a round of 68 less than half of their strokes are made putting. Jordan Spieth averages 1.66 strokes per hole or 29.88 putts per round. If your round of 86 which included 37 putts was changed to 30 putts, you just shot 79. Sign up for a putting lesson. The best thing you can do for your golf in 2016; just ask Jordan Spieth.

80th Masters April 7-10

We're almost at that time of year when the Azaleas and the Dogwoods will fill the landscape in the Southeast. Soon the Masters will begin; the unofficial start of everyone's golf season. A great time to get a swing evaluation. This evaluation will give you a starting point to build the swing that you want for 2016. Ed's fifty years of coaching and evaluating golf swings gives you the opportunity to ask his opinion on your best way to make progress. Call or text Ed at 803-493-6417 to schedule.

PGA Professional at Tega Cay Golf Club