Now is Planning Time for 2016 / Don't Miss Another Year!

The Three Things You Need to Know About Hitting a Golf Ball

First - How does the Clubface affect ball flight Second - What is your correct Swing Plane and Third - Where do you get Swing Speed. Use the CONTACT icon and request a lesson. Golf isn't as hard as you may be making it. And after your lesson; enjoy our 27-holes of fun at Tega Cay..

PGA Professional at Tega Cay Golf Club

Winterize Your Game

Cold, cart cover golf, can actually be a blessing for your game. Focus on the basics. Use an extra club or two. Be more conservative in your shot choices. Learn to putt this Winter. The best thing you can do for your golf in 2016; just ask Jordan Spieth.

January Free Swing Evaluations

January is an ideal time to contact Ed and schedule a FREE swing evaluation. This evaluation will give you a starting point to build the swing that you want for 2016. Ed's fifty years of coaching and evaluating golf swings gives you the opportunity to ask his opinion on your best way to make progress. Call or text Ed at 803-493-6417 to schedule.

PGA Professional at Tega Cay Golf Club